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Nina Foundation 10th SCI Day 25th June 2018

Physical activities in the wheelchair and out an illustrated Guide to Personalizing Participation ann davis PTMASUD

Nina Foundation Tata Mumbai Marathon 17th January 2018

Interviewed by Dharmendra Rai India's first mind map trainer, who has interviewed celebrities like Tony Buzan ( inventor of mind maps), Jack Cranfield ( Author of chicken soup book series), Mark Inglis ( World's first double amputee to scale Mount Everest)...... This is the first episode of the interview.

An inspiration for MILLIONS !

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Nina Foundation 9th Spinal Injury Awareness Day 25th June 2017

Emerald News Interview Dr.HS Chhabra ISIC Director

Nina Foundation-Marathon Day 15th Jan 2017

International Disability Day

Nina Foundation Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 17th January 2016

Can Rehabilitation Fund be a new healthcare paradigm for the disabled?

About Nina Foundation- Brochure

Nina Foundation Founder's Day - 9th March, 2015

Nina Foundation Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 18th January 2015

Nina Foundation Standard Chartered Mumbai 2014

Felicitation of Dr Ketna Mehta, Nina Foundation

Ms Sheela Chitnis' acceptance speech:

Dr Ketna Mehta's acceptance speech:

Nina Foundation's OPD For Friends With Spinal Cord Injury

Nina Foundation's Received Award On International Women's Day By Moneylife Foundation,
5th march 2014

Nina Foundation : Foundation Day - Darshan Visit 9th March 2014

Nina Foundation - Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - 20th January 2013

Dr.Ketna Mehta's Article In TOI, Editorial Page, All Editions On International Day Of The Disabled         3rd Dec. 2013

Nina Foundation 5th Spinal Injury Awareness Day 25th June 2013- Mrs. Rajashree Birla's Speech

Nina Foundation 5th Spinal Injury Awareness Day 25th June 2013 - Report

Rock star Award Year, 2013

Will Star Award Year, 2013

Nina Foundation - Foundation Day Darshan Visit - 9th March 2013 - A Report

Report on Nina Foundation Spinal Injury Day 25th June, 2012

Rockstar Award Year 2012

Will Star Award Year 2012

Guidelines for Employment Posts in Government Offices for the Handicapped.

Shukriya from Nina foundation

Report on Nina Foundation Spinal Injury Day, 25th June, 2010.








Activities include

•  One World – Voice of Paraplegics.
   A bi-monthly newsletter. The first of its kind in India.

•  Work therapy enables people with spinal cord injury to express their abilities,
   gives them financial independence and thus self confidence a sense of respect in their family
   and community.

•  Support Group facilitates sharing of experiences and have a cathartic effect.

•  Donate wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, calipers other aids and appliances as well as medicines and
expenses for regular urodynamics, sonography, X-rays and pathology tests.

•  Making India and Mumbai, barrier free & accessible for people with disability.

•  The first Helpline for spinal injury in India

•  Sponsor trophies for paraplegic sports.

•  ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, '10 – for Mumbai Marathon over 50 members with
spinal cord injury wheeled for Nina Foundation.

•  Participation in disability seminars and workshops.

•  Author and present research papers / articles on the status of the disability sector in India.

•  Organize picnics, get-togethers and outbound programmes for the community with family members.

•  Create powerful advertisements, calendars, presentations and films about abilities of the
   differently abled and inclusion.

•  Dance Therapy

•  Active Rehabilitation and sports.

Activities planned for the future for making every person with spinal cord injury self reliant and

•  Employment initiatives including work place solutions and technology

•  Education initiatives for children with spinal cord injury

•  Efficacy survey on stem cell treatment

•  Wellness Seminars and Workshops on Spinal Cord Injury

•  Access and Sports Solutions

•  Diagnostic and medication expenses for underprivileged people with Spinal Cord Injury

•  Publication Book on ‘Spinal Cord Injury achievers from India’

•  Holistic Rehabilitation services

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