Mr. Ankur Gupta
Mr. Sunil Ramamurthy

We School and Nina Foundation organized the Wellness Seminar 6 on MIND MANAGEMENT in We school, Mumbai on 19th Dec 2009.

Attendees : Prof Tendulkar, Dr. Ketna Mehta, members and trustees of Nina foundation: Dr. Mrs. Sagade, Mrs. Vidya Shenoy, Dr. Nergish Humranwala, Dr. V. C. Jacob, Mr. Dhaval Mehta and 75 participants comprising of members with disability, MSSI members, principals, lecturers and students from physiotherapy and occupation therapy of various hospitals in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Date                : 19th Dec 2009
Venue              : Brainstorm Room
Time                : 2.30 PM – 6:00 PM

The Seminar started by felicitating both the Guest speakers by Prof S. R. Tendulkar
Prof S. R. Tendulkar gave the inaugural address on behalf of We School. All the participants were highly impressed and overwhelmed with the organization and hospitality. He gave a brief about the the new Heatlthcare Management Programme of We School. The hosts for the day were students Abhinay Vishnoi and Dr. Vaidehi. The student team responsible for this meticulous organization comprised of Kinshuk Vasta, Abhinay Vishnoi, Saurabh Sharma, Saswati Banerjee, Vaidehi, Nidhi Pande, Dr. Shambhu, Kranti, Deepanshu and others.
Aditi Moorthy and Rushi B. were the Nina Foundation volunteers.

Prof Dr. Ketna Mehta (both a faculty at Welingkar and founder trustee of Nina Foundation) briefed the audience about Nina Foundation and its goal/purpose. She mentioned that this was the final edition of wellness seminar and its success is attributed to the wonderful support of our We School Director, Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe and all the attendees who despite various issues attended and benefited. She also spoke about the various upcoming events of sports on the 2nd and 3rd Jan i.e. The Wheelchair National Event. The audience was excited to hear about the Wheelchair Mumbai Marathon coming up soon.

The Seminar started with the introduction of Mr. Ankur Gupta. A brilliant academic record in B.Pharm. (Hons.) (CGPA 9.39, unmatched over nearly 6 decades) from BITS, Pilani with an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad followed. Weaning himself away from corporate life 30 years back, he has since led a Bohemian lifestyle.  
His rich professional experience in the health-care industry spans 33 years. He continues to be an avid student of various human & divine inner sciences and over time has evolved them as a blend of scientific concepts & spirituality. He pioneered digital & spiritual art in India and continues to explore newer frontiers, synergizing his scientific temperament with creative skills & digital technology. He has been Honorary Coordinator of the i-I Movement of Times Foundation, inaugurated in July 2003 by our President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He played a pivotal formative and implementation role in the SPJIMR Diploma course on Political Governance for Women in 2004. He has also been on the prestigious "Editors Panel" of IIM Ahmedabad.  
Having established Academy of Mind Management, he spearheaded creativity & innovation in Schools through special group workshops for Principal and Teachers. His Lecture was very motivating for each one in the audience. He explained how the mind rules our brain. He made the audience solve simple puzzles which are useful for reading our own mind management. He said we should accept the way we are because every person has his own set of strengths and weaknesses. He said “For a Rainbow you require both the rain and the sun”. He said one should always believe in a win-win situation.

The next lecture was conducted by Mr. Sunil Ramamurthy. It started with the introduction of Mr. Sunil Ramamurthy by Vaidehi. Mr. Sunil Ramamurthy is a commerce graduate with a diploma in business management from Mumbai. While working in the corporate scenario for more than a decade, Mr Sunil felt the need to study the ancient scriptures of Vedanta. Vedanta teaches one the method of right life and living. He studied under the able guidance of Swami Parthasarathy for 13 years. His deep understanding of the vedanta principles put in contemporary language and a simple presentation makes his talks very interesting. He ensures that there is a paradigm shift towards a positive way of thinking and overall personality growth. In his lecture, which was very inspiring, motivated the people to contribute to the greatest cause of the society, to do something good in our life so that we can proudly say, if we have to die this moment we would die happily. This was followed by snacks for all the participants and volunteers. There was an exhibition displaying various handicraft articles made by the members of Nina Foundation. The speakers were felicitated along with all the stakeholders Ms. Neenu Kewlani for her national NASEOH award, our student Jaideep Rajhans for his research achievement, Madhuri Bhide for the co-ordination and all the students for their enthusiastic support. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Vaidehi.

Profuse Thanks to
Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, We School
Mr. Ingle and the security team
The liftmen team
The housekeeping team
Mr. Rokade - F&B Facilities Team
Student and volunteer team for the entire organisation

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